Asia Telecom Power Systems Market (2014-2019)

Forecast By Powering System and By Country

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Telecom towers are among the key entities in network service and telecom infrastructure, with the growth in telecom services subscriber base and launch of new service features, new tower installation activities started getting uproar.

Telecommunications industry has shown tremendous growth in past few years due to value added service features, advanced technologies such as 3G and 4G, increase in number of industry participants, increasing sales of smart phones and telecom service subscriber base, and rising disposable income of individuals. This growth resulted in increasing footprint of telecom networks to enhance service quality ultimately raising the power consumption and transmission requirement. Presently most of the telecom towers in Asia are either grid connected or unreliable meaning partly supported by grid and partly by diesel power back-up.

Spanning of network across Asian continent has considerably raised the demand for telecom tower power systems which spurred innovations and launch of off-grid and green solutions. Green solutions are actually type of off-grid systems but are treated separately in the report due to high differences in their capital cost expenditure. Off - Grid systems are not connected to grid, their power needs are supplied by diesel power systems (gensets) supported by battery power back - up. Green power systems utilize renewable power sources such as solar, wind, fuel cell, or others supported by either with battery or diesel back-up (predominantly by battery in most of the incidences). The drivers for telecom power systems include growing mobile subscriber base, faster growth of urban population, inconsistent networked readiness index, and investments in telecom infrastructure. Latest trends in Asian telecom market are growing penetration of 3G and introduction of 4G in developed economies, passive infrastructure sharing, and adoption of green or energy efficient power solutions. Restraints in the market are identified as carbon emissions and high capital or associated costs.

High development activities in Asian continent are noticed in South Eastern region apart from India and China due to improving economic conditions and urbanization trend. The developed countries in Asia in terms of network coverage, adoption towards new technologies, and service include South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and Singapore; thus activities of new tower deployment are witnessed to be on low scale in these countries.

Key Highlights of the Report

  1. Market dynamics including drivers, restraints, opportunity for Asia Telecom Tower Powering Systems Market.
  2. Historical market revenue trends for Asia Telecom Tower Powering Systems Market, 2011 - 2013 ($ Thousand).
  3. Historical market volume trends for Asia Telecom Tower Powering Systems Market, 2011 - 2013 (Units).
  4. Market Volume and Revenue Forecast and Estimations by types until 2019.
  5. Market Volume and Revenue Forecast and Estimations by key South East Asian and Asian countries until 2019.
  6. Market Volume and Revenue Trends and Forecast by country and types until 2019.
  7. Existing market trends and challenges.
  8. Porter's Five Forces Analysis.
  9. Countries Covered- China, India, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Indonesia, Cambodia, Philippines, Thailand, other South-East Asian countries and other Asian countries.

Telecom towers are the essential part of telecom services industry or value chain, these towers house number of components such as antennas, microwave dishes, transceivers, power system and others to facilitate network service offerings over a span of network. These telecom towers need to be active all time of the day and year round to provide quality network availability and service to their wide customer bases. These towers are predominantly powered by on-grid and unreliable sources and with the growing concerns over zero down time, green initiatives, carbon emission concerns, and utilization of renewable energy sources, green sources or off-grid power sources started to gain momentum in the market.

Unreliable sources include grid connection and diesel power back-up, off-grid sources include diesel power source and battery back-up, and green sources include renewable power source (solar, wind) and battery back-up.

The report provides market volume (units) and revenue ($ thousand) estimates and forecast until 2019 with CAGR projected from 2014 to 2019 for aforementioned types for Asian continent excluding GCC and Oceania The report covers market estimates for countries such as India, China, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, and others. Additionally, report covers market dynamics, value chain, Porter's analysis, and current market trends