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Vu launches official Android 7 TV with Google

February 13, 2018

Vu Technologies a TV brand which was established in the year 2006 launched a voice activated Vu Official Android TV in association with Google. This is their latest launch in the smart TV category and the company is hoping that it will see excellent traction in the Indian market because they have official access to the Google Play Store, YouTube, Google Games, and the complete Google ecosystem. The company has also partnered with Video on Demand service providers such as Netflix, Hotstar, and ALTBalaji, to provide certified VOD apps to allow users to access unlimited, diverse and latest content.

Interestingly, one of the feature of Vu Official Android TV is its ActiVoice feature which helps users to seamlessly search, browse and select in 88 languages. The ActiVoice Search intelligence is also enabled to search within apps and recommend results according to a user's preference.

"We were one of the first brands in India to launch TVs with Netflix and YouTube buttons on the remote. Our R&D team has developed a voice activated feature for this TV because we found that customers sometimes find it painful to type and search on the remote. The TV also has an inbuilt Dolby sound bar for great sound. This model was a result of our R&D teams effort that was undertaken for over a year and was followed by numerous hours of testing. We are seeing good traction for our smart TVs in the southern market and Bengaluru happens to be one of our largest market in India," said Devita Saraf, CEO and Founder, Vu Technologies during the launch in Bengaluru.

For online sales Vu has an exclusive tie up with e-commerce player Flipkart to sell its smart TV sets in India and Flipkart says that it is the best selling TV brand on its site. "India has one of the cheapest data rates in the world and this will drive the sales of Smart TVs in the country. We will also move towards on demand content," said Ajay Yadav, Vice President at Flipkart.

The Vu Official Android TV is available in 43 inches, 49 inches, and 55 inches and is priced at Rs 36,999, Rs 46,999, and Rs 55,999 respectively. The TV will be available for sale through Flipkart and Vu's stores and other retail outlets from 14th March, 2018.

Apparently, as per a report by 6Wresearch, a smart television is a television set with integrated internet capabilities, or a television set top box that offers advanced connectivity as well as computing abilities. It is also known as a connected TV or a hybrid TV. As per the report, a smart TV allows users to install and run advanced applications that are based on a specific platform. The main functions of a smart TV are relaying content such as photographs, movies, and music from devices attached to it using a Digital Living Network Alliance such as Windows Media Player and providing access to broadcast TV channels and internet based services such as catch up services and video on demand.

The report from 6Wresearch further states that the Indian smart TV market at present is in a nascent stage, but is displaying a healthy growth rate. The report says that the market growth is expected to stem mostly from the increasing demand for web enabled TVs from individual customers, encouraged by the increasing number of functions and features offered by different smart TV vendors.

Media Source : The Week

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