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Market Intelligence

In-depth market research solution based 6Wresearch model.

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Emerging/Niche Markets

The growing need of our client towards niche and emerging markets has enabled us to accomplished large number of projects under this area.

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Competitive Intelligence

Benchmarking techniques based on key operational and financial parameters.

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Integrated Survey

Provides real time market research solution from key industry players.

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Key forecasting techniques based on leading indicators.

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Syndicated and Custom Research

Through our Syndicated and Custom Research division, we provides in depth research on niche, emerging and high growth markets. 6Wresearch industry experts team always strive hard to provide exhaustive research studies and quality research to our clients.

Our Syndicate & Custom Research division produces business reports in the areas of Automotive, Chemical, Food & Materials, Communication, Media & Technology, Energy & Power, Financial Services, Health and Life Sciences, Retail & Consumer Products and Semiconductor & Electronics.

We provide 100% customization on the publish reports in the form of:

• Market estimates and forecast

• Competitive landscape

• Market Assessment and Feasibility study