Telecom, Information & Communication Technology

6Wresearch’s Telecom, Information and Communication Technology practice specializes in catering to emerging technologies. With ongoing digital transformation and technological disruptions in various countries across the globe, 6W’s Telecom and ICT practice has developed in-house database of various emerging and already existing technologies and ecosystem of more than 60 countries.

At 6W, we are providing services in the areas of network security, IT hardware, software and services, IOT, M2M, unified communication, digital transformation, cloud computing, enterprise mobility, cyber security, data centers, artificial intelligence, smart infrastructure, and telecom equipment. Further, we have assisted our clients in understanding the consumer mindset, consumer buying behavior, market feasibility, Go-to-Market strategies, executive interviews, market sizing & forecast, competitive landscape, and channel assessment. For our Telecom, Information and Communication TechnologyPractice corporate brochure, you can reach us at 


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