Demand for luxury TVs surging in the GCC, says Samsung

What are the key consumer trends driving the demand for bigger and better screens in the UAE and the region?

The stay-at-home trends during the Covid-19 pandemic had people reimagining their entertainment devices. This led to a surge in premium and large-screen televisions at that time, a trend that has continued since.

Ultra-large screen TVs are highly popular among Gulf residents. Consumers want to enjoy their favourite content on a larger scale with more detail and immersion. Second, streaming services have become more popular, and people want to recreate the cinema experience at home. Ultra-large TVs also offer advanced features such as 8K resolution, AI upscaling, HDR and more.

Across the GCC, consumers’ income levels and purchasing power are rising, driving demand for premium products. In addition, the increase in the sales of luxury homes, particularly in the UAE, has had a knock-on effect on the appliances market – homeowners want their TVs to reflect their new surroundings. In fact, according to 6Wresearch, the UAE Smart television market size is projected to grow 4.6 per cent annually during 2022-2028.

Thirdly, we see a growing preference for immersive and interactive entertainment experiences, like gaming, streaming, and social media. Blockbusters and high-end games feature cutting-edge graphics and sound. The only way to truly enjoy them is through premium TVs.

The UAE also has a rapidly expanding gaming community. Gamers are one of the most demanding audiences in the world and are partial to ultra-large screens, high-quality graphics and powerful processors.

On the flipside, Minimalism is a growing trend among Gulf homeowners. People want clean, clutter-free designs for their entrainment systems. This is why, one of the main unique selling points for our TV line up is Samsung’s One Connect Box and One Connect Cable, which allow you to connect cable TV unit, satellite box, or video game system to a TV or smart monitor without having any unsightly wires dangling from behind the device.

Media Courtesy : Gulf Business

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