Brazil Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) Resin Market (2011-2016)
Demand for PET resin in Brazil is expected to reach 924.7 thousand tons by 2016, at a CAGR of 8.6% from 2011-2016. At present, food & beverage markets are the major consumers of PET... Read More
India Set Top Boxes (STBs) Market (2012-2017)
India Set Top Box (STB) market is expected to reach $1,877.3 million by 2017, at a CAGR of 26.0% from 2012-2017. At present, DTH subscribers are the major customers of STBs in India, however with the government directives to digitize entire pay TV network including cable TV platform (which... Read More
Cellular Machine to Machine (M2M) modules Market (2012-2017)
The cellular Machine to Machine (M2M) modules market has picked momentum in recent times due to the increasing demand for remote monitoring & control across different verticals such as automotive, transport & logistics, utilities, and... Read More
India Video Surveillance Market (2011-2016)
The rising infrastructure, government initiatives & funding, rules & regulations, increasing terrorist & criminal activities are the few factors that have spurred the market for video surveillance in India.According to 6Wresearch, the... Read More
India Machine to Machine (M2M) Modules Market (2011-2016)
The Machine to Machine (M2M) modules market in India has picked momentum in recent times due to the increasing demand for remote monitoring & control across different industrial applications such as automotive, transport & logistics,... Read More
Thin Film PV Market (2011-2016)
The Global photovoltaic market has experienced significant changes in its market landscape due to the presence of thin-film photovoltaic cells. The thin-film photovoltaic market saw tremendous growth especially at the time of the 2009 global meltdown. Rising prices of silicon in the global market have opened the... Read More
India Convertible Laptop Market, CY H2' 2014
Rising demand for mobility, acceptance of touch screen based devices by consumers, and growing mobile workforce in India is driving the market for 2-in-1 Laptop-Tablet in India.According to 6Wresearch, India Convertible Laptop-Tablet popularly known... Read More
India Telecom Tower Power Systems Market (2017-2023)
Latest Developments: India Telecom Tower Power Systems Market has seen latest developments such as replacement of... Read More
Iran Video Surveillance Market (2015-2021)
Iran Video Surveillance Market has been divided into three segments markets i.e. Analog Video Surveillance Systems (Analog Cameras and DVRs), Network/ IP Video Surveillance Systems (IP Cameras, Encoders/ Decoders, and NVRs), and... Read More
Brazil Elevator And Escalator Market (2019-2025) | Segmentation, Industry, Trends, Analysis, Revenue, Outlook, Size, Share & COVID-19 IMPACT
Latest 2023 Developments of the Brazil Elevator and Escalator Market The Brazil Elevator and Escalator Market is one of the well-established markets and it has been attaining great success. The market is seeing significant growth with a rising... Read More
Brazil Light Tower Market (2019-2025)
Emergence of smart cities, growth of construction sector supported by upcoming projects in sectors such as commercial, industrial, infrastructure (transportation construction), and energy and utility construction, would increase the demand... Read More
Global Large Caliber Ammunitions Market (2019-2025)
Rising government expenditure on defense would be the key factor driving the demand for large caliber ammunitions over the coming years. Moreover, increasing threat from terrorist organizations and political unrest... Read More
North America Elevator & Escalator Market (2019-2025)
North America Elevator And Escalator Market has registered moderate growth over the last four years due to the growing demand for maintenance services in the region. North America region has a large aging elevators and escalators installed base which results in structural growth potential for the maintenance... Read More
Middle East & Africa (MEA) Phototherapy Device Market (2019-2025)
Rising demand for sound healthcare infrastructure has led to an increase in the deployment of technologically advanced phototherapy devices across the Middle East & Africa region. Moreover, mounting risks of neonatal jaundice across the... Read More

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