Semiconductor and Electronics

6Wresearch’s Semiconductor and Electronics practice specialize in providing technological roadmap, mapping niche technology and products, opportunity assessment, market trends &dynamics, market sizing & forecast, consumer buying behavior, competitive mapping and many more. 6W is annually tracking more than 500 technology/product segments in the semiconductor and electronics space. With in-house database including EXIM data and supported by KPI’s of the market, we are providing our services in more than 90 countries. 

Security & surveillance, sensors & controls, semiconductor materials & components, wearable technology, fire safety systems & equipment, displays, next generation technologies, consumer durables, automation, HVAC, and wireless charging are some of the few segments, where we are assisting our clients from last so many years. We have even assisted our clientsto launch their products and enter in new geographies through our feasibility studies, Go-to-Market strategies, business modelling, legal and political frameworks, and distribution partnership services. For our Semiconductor and ElectronicsPracticecorporate brochure, you can reach us at 


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