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Market Intelligence

In-depth market research solution based 6Wresearch model.

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Emerging/Niche Markets

The growing need of our client towards niche and emerging markets has enabled us to accomplished large number of projects under this area.

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Competitive Intelligence

Benchmarking techniques based on key operational and financial parameters.

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Integrated Survey

Provides real time market research solution from key industry players.

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Key forecasting techniques based on leading indicators.

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Advisory and Consulting

A team of industry experts evaluate strategic options, shape successful action plans, and help companies to make critical bottom-line decisions. Our huge market intelligence repository and industry expertise together puts us in a position to grow along with our clients.

Our Advisory & Consulting division, provides premium research services to our clients which help them to devise key market strategies. The services include:

• Market Sizing

• Market Positioning

• Entry Strategies

• Competitive Landscaping

• Product Positioning

• Market Assesment and Feasibilty study

• Competitive Landscape

• Mapping complete market ecosystem