Viettel IDC provides security solutions for surveillance cameras

Cloud Camera service stores image data on the Cloud - data center of Viettel IDC, instead of storing at physical recorders.

According to 6Wresearch, Vietnam is one of the countries in the region with fast growth in the market of security surveillance systems, reaching 12.4% in the period of 2016-2022. However, more than 65% of surveillance devices are at risk of information security and data confidentiality.

Easy to buy, easy to install, but difficult to ensure data security

Surveillance camera has become familiar and popular devices in many households, shops, businesses ... The demand for equipment procurement and camera installation services is easily met everywhere, from electronics stores, or Internet shops, at a variety of prices.

However, it is the ease of finding equipment suppliers and installation services that will pose a risk of unsafe surveillance camera data. Because users often give full control of the installation and installation of surveillance cameras to shops, installers, and then reuse the assigned account, regardless of information such as how to set up or change the camera management account.

Besides, normal camera data is only stored in the recorder at the same location where the camera equipment is installed, which is easy for bad guys to take advantage of to delete important data. With the monitoring needs serving business activities such as warehouse management, businesses, chain stores, especially in the time of complicated disease outbreaks, the theft, and deletion of data are easy to happen, the more this weakness should be dealt with thoroughly.

Cloud Camera - services from reputable providers, data stored in the cloud

Cloud Camera is a service of surveillance camera application of Viettel IDC's cloud computing technology, allowing users to monitor via the Internet, accompanied by warnings, fully supporting management and monitoring, and data storage. Data for all types of customers. The difference of Cloud Camera compared to conventional cameras is that Cloud Camera stores image data on Cloud - Viettel IDC's data center, instead of storing it in physical recorders. Viettel IDC Cloud system allows customers' data to be backed up on a 1-1 basis, helping to increase redundancy, allowing data recovery when needed even when images are deleted. Cloud storage platform allows users to access and view data anytime, anywhere, on any device without being dependent on record devices, hard drives stored on the spot.

In terms of equipment installation, instead of complicated configuration such as analog cameras or IP cameras, Cloud Camera has Plug & Play (plug and play) feature, so it is faster and simpler to install, connect. Users can deploy, install, and view localized photos or phones easily.

Viettel IDC builds a Cloud Camera system that is highly compatible with camera equipment of many manufacturers such as Hikvision, Panasonic, Sony, Vivotek, Axis, Pelco, and available analog camera systems, helping users to have taken advantage of available equipment and integrate image storage service on Cloud Camera. Viettel IDC provides two types of services that suit the needs of users including providing camera data storage service at Viettel IDC Cloud system for customers who have available camera equipment and solution services. solutions (including equipment, storage solutions, software) for customers who have not implemented camera systems.

Besides the advantages of technology and image storage systems, Cloud Camera is provided by the number one unit of data center infrastructure and cloud computing in Vietnam and is the only service provider. In Vietnam, it has achieved the 27017 information security management certificate, helping to ensure that user services are stored at a high level of security.

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