Dubai Silicon is an ideal partner for technical industries

Hossam Al-Haddad, CEO of ATIS Middle East, which specializes in manufacturing fire detection systems, from its headquarters in Dubai Silicon Oasis, confirmed that the Oasis is the ideal partner for technology manufacturers in Dubai, given the facilities it offers, which are unparalleled in the world, noting that These facilities have enabled the company to manufacture and sell more than one million smart protection devices, through its factories in the Oasis, and export them to more than 33 countries around the world, including Britain, South America, Italy, Malta, Cyprus, India and others.

Al-Haddad expected an increase in the company's exports of fire detection devices this year, especially to the South Asian and European markets, most of whose governments have recently begun to impose controls on the installation of these devices for residential buildings and other projects, estimated that the market will achieve a recovery in returns, starting from the end of the year. 2021.

Made in UAE

Al-Haddad continued: “The stamp made in the Emirates, which is stamped on our products, is a matter of pride and pride for all employees of the company, and for more than 11 years, we have been making alarms and protection devices in the heart of the Emirates from the Dubai Silicon Oasis, to help protect the most important installations and major landmarks of the UAE, Such as Mall of the Emirates, Burj Al Arab, Deira City Center, Festival Plaza, Dubai Metro, Al Maryah Central Mall, the main civil defense building, and many hotels and hospitals.

Finally, ATIS Middle East was honored with the Innovation and Quality Award, through the international organization Intersec, for its contribution to the development of the fire detection and alarm industry, and the provision of a number of smart protection devices that rely on modern technology and remote control. It has also been considered the best alarm manufacturer in the Middle East.

And (6wresearch) for research expects the market for fire safety systems and equipment in the UAE to grow at a rate of 2% annually until 2026, in conjunction with the government's efforts to revive the economy, through stimulus packages to support small and medium enterprises, and other government initiatives, such as the Dubai Industrial Strategy 2030, Abu Dhabi Vision 2030, the gradual resumption of economic activities, and the resumption of infrastructure projects. 


Al-Haddad pointed out that ATIS Middle East has achieved the first patent for an Emirati company in the field of fire detection and alarm, where a new fire alarm product was designed and developed that uses "micro energy technology", which will allow this important technical breakthrough, to rotate energy Used in sound alarm, and therefore, the possibility of accommodating much more alarm devices within the same protection system at a lower cost, which makes the “Velox” fire protection systems safer and more energy-saving.

He added: “The company provides solutions and protection systems suitable for projects consisting of a single villa, and even an entire city, as the applications of smart cities in the field of civil protection are an essential part of the services provided by the company, in addition to a set of voice communication systems with the masses, and evacuation in cases of emergency. Emergency, which covers most of the engineering and design requirements, through its facilities in Dubai Silicon Oasis.


Ates Middle East has developed the "Velox Cloud" system, which is considered the first smart fire protection system, based on electronic cloud and "Internet of Things" technology, and it is now not just an idea, but rather a fact that helps protect many buildings and people from Fire risk, where the system provides the ability to connect fire alarm systems together, via a wireless network, and this network is characterized by the ability to increase the capacity of unlimited, and it can cover an application at the city level (containing hundreds/thousands of buildings), where the flow of information is monitored Through the network continuously, and in the event of any accidents, such as a fire or defect in a building, the system will report this information to the responsible party. For example, the system can be integrated into the control room, notifying the city administration of any incidents, or even sending a warning to the building owner via mobile, so that they can follow all the information related to the incident live, at the same time.

Intellectual Property Rights 

ATIS Middle East owns the intellectual property rights to manufacture, design and assemble “Velox” systems and devices for fire detection, in addition to alarms, voice evacuation systems, and smart city solutions, which are used in shopping malls, hotels, buildings and others, and its products are manufactured in the UAE Fully certified by international organizations, with international quality certificates, and approved by the UAE Civil Defense.

Media Courtesy : Albayan

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