FPT Camera IQ - Security Camera that Integrates Cloud and AI technology at the Same Time

FPT Camera IQ is one of the first generations of cameras in Vietnam capable of distinguishing the movement of people and objects, to give warnings for the right purpose, while protecting data and enhancing the experience with technology. cloud storage

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According to a report by 6w Research, Vietnam is among the top countries with the fastest growing number of security cameras in the region, with an annual cumulative growth rate of 12.4%, in the 2016-2021 period. The epidemic causes the demand for security cameras to increase, as many families, offices and businesses need security cameras for remote monitoring. Safe storage technology and smart warning feature are the two top concerns when choosing to buy a security camera in this period.

In Vietnam, FPT Telecom has just launched the FPT Camera IQ product line, meeting the needs of users by using cloud storage technology, combining artificial intelligence to warn when people move. .

AI application to warn when someone breaks in

In the past, security cameras mainly acted as "passive" surveillance devices. That is, after an incident occurs, the user opens the camera to observe the incident. Some places have higher protection requirements, often needing a staff to monitor the camera. However, the limitation of this method is that it costs more, can still make errors, and makes it difficult to deploy on a large scale.

To solve this situation, FPT Telecom develops artificial intelligence technology, allowing cameras to replace humans in monitoring. The outstanding point of AI on FPT Camera IQ is the ability to distinguish whether the movement is of a person or an object, thereby proactively giving warnings for the right purpose.

When installed in an apartment, office, or store, the camera can recognize what is human movement, what is the movement of objects (animals, vehicles or leaves, ...) It is also possible to localize the locations that need to be protected for maximum warning effectiveness. At that time, the camera will automatically record important moments with human elements, and also give alerts to smartphones when people walk in the protected area. This is also the difference of FPT Camera IQ compared to other cameras on the market. The product overcomes the problem of improper warning, annoying users and gradually reducing the user's attention to notifications from security cameras. In addition, when deployed, FPT Camera IQ will help businesses optimize costs and improve efficiency in security monitoring.

AI camera stored by cloud computing (cloud)

Whether it's a business or an individual user, data security is paramount, especially with surveillance devices like cameras.

Traditional storage methods such as memory cards or hard drives are increasingly exposed to risks, such as: can be damaged leading to data loss due to external factors; bad guys steal data to get information or destroy evidence. In addition, these storage devices often have a limited lifespan, and at the same time cost users a lot of operations and costs if they want to upgrade. In the world, this traditional method is gradually being replaced by cloud computing technology (Cloud).

In Vietnam, FPT Telecom is the first company to apply Cloud to security cameras. With the advantage of owning a Data Center (FPT Data Center) that meets the Tier 3 standard of Uptime Institute - the most prestigious data evaluation standard system in the world, images from FPT Camera IQ's security cameras are guaranteed. safety according to the strictest standards.

Cloud application also helps the camera system become more synchronous and compact. Users do not need to invest in storage devices, just attach a camera, connect to the Internet, and can use it immediately. Images from the camera can be easily viewed from anywhere with Full HD resolution and almost zero latency. Camera management can be done on smartphones, computers or televisions. In addition, using FPT Camera IQ with integrated cloud means that customers will enjoy 24/7 customer care, maintenance and warranty.

"As the first camera brand in Vietnam to simultaneously apply cloud computing technology and artificial intelligence to detect human movements, FPT Camera not only demonstrates its pioneering position in technology, but also brings providing users with the best solutions for security monitoring by images", shared Mr. Pham Thanh Tuan, Business Development Director of FPT Telecom.

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