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Increasing Technological Advancement in Networking Space Coupled with Rising Penetration of Broadband Users Demanding High Speed Connectivity Would Ignite the Growth of India GPON Market - 6Wresearch
Posted On: 2019-05-06
Increasing demand for high bandwidth coupled with rising number of internet users is driving the growth of Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON) market in India. Additionally, need for telecommunication to deliver... Read More
Rising Industrialization under the Industrial Action Policy Plan Along with Burgeoning Population Would Spur the Demand for Usable Water in South Africa and Upsurge the Growth of Industrial Water & Wastewater Treatment Chemicals Market During 2019-25 - 6Wresearch
Posted On: 2019-05-05
The South Africa industrial water & wastewater treatment chemicals market is under the growth stage. Government policies such as Industrial Action Policy Plan to strengthen the industrial sector of the country... Read More
Burgeoning Commercial Infrastructure Would Drive the Africa Elevators and Escalators Market During the 2019-25 - 6Wresearch
Posted On: 2019-05-04
Regional integration on trade and economic cooperation, rapid urbanization and growing middle class population are some of the factors which are boosting the construction activities in the African continent. The market for... Read More
Increased Government Spending in Fame Phase-I & II with Respect to Rising Environmental Concerns Along with Growing Consumer Awareness is Expected to Propel the Growth of India Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Station Market - 6Wresearch
Posted On: 2019-05-04
The FAME scheme and NEMMP 2020 initiatives undertaken by the Government of India will bring a transformational shift in the electric vehicles market in India. NEMMP focuses on the automotive and... Read More
Rising Investment in IT Industry, Developing Commercial Offices and Hospitality Sectors Along with Rising Manufacturing Industry Would Drive Cambodia UPS Market- 6Wresearch
Posted On: 2019-05-03
Tourism sector has been growing at a very robust pace over the last few years which has raised the demand for hotels, resorts and apartments. This has led to significant expansion of... Read More
Surging Defense and Industrial Sectors Would Propel the Growth of India Thermal Imaging Systems Market - 6Wresearch
Posted On: 2019-04-25
Government initiatives such as "Make in India" has resulted in rising production of several defense and industrial equipment in the country over the last few years. In addition, growing partnerships and... Read More
Rising Investment in Hospitality and Commercial Applications Supported by Government Urban Development Policy Would Drive the Demand for Myanmar UPS Market during 2019-25 - 6Wresearch
Posted On: 2019-04-25
Significant growth across construction sector on account of rising demand for commercial office space, new hotel and BFSI infrastructures are anticipated to drive the growth of UPS in Myanmar over... Read More
Rapid Increase in Construction Activities Along with Strengthening of Oil & Gas Sector Would Surge the Demand for Central Asia Diesel Genset Market - 6Wresearch
Posted On: 2019-04-24
Growing construction activities, strengthening of oil & gas sector as well as rising investment in the tourism sector across several Central Asian countries such as Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan would... Read More
Growing Non-Oil Sector and strengthening of construction industry would spur the demand for Kuwait Elevator and Escalator Market during the forecast period - 6wresearch
Posted On: 2019-04-24
Passenger elevator segment holds the largest market share in the overall Kuwait elevator and escalator market– 6Wresearch ... Read More
Metro Railway Application to Drive the Growth of India AFC Market - 6Wresearch
Posted On: 2019-04-09
Automated Fare Collection (AFC) market in India has increased significantly in recent years owing to growing demand for efficient, automated and hassle-free transportation system. Increasing passenger traffic has forced the government to initiate... Read More
Construction and Infrastructure Development Activities Would Drive the Demand for UAE Diesel Genset Market - 6Wresearch
Posted On: 2019-04-08
Increasing public and private infrastructure construction backed by government policies and programs such as UAE Vision 2021, Surface Transport Master Plan, and international events such as Dubai Expo 2020 would drive the market... Read More
Strengthening Residential Sector and Growing Construction Market in Tier II and Tier III Cities Would Propel the Growth of India Room Air Conditioner Market- 6Wresearch
Posted On: 2019-04-05
Increasing disposable income, growing number of middle-class households along with increasing construction projects in the residential and commercial sectors are expected to boost the growth of room air conditioner market in India... Read More
Power Utilities Sector is the major contributor in Indonesia Power and Distribution Transformers Market - 6Wresearch
Posted On: 2019-04-05
Indonesia power and distribution transformers market registered a healthy growth during 2016-17 owing to the increased government efforts to provide stable and efficient power supply in the country. Further, the market is... Read More
Expansion of Residential Sector Coupled with Rise in Foreign Investment in the Commercial Sector Would Boost the South East Asia Air Conditioner Market - 6Wresearch
Posted On: 2019-04-03
Strengthening of public infrastructure, establishment of new industries, strong economic growth as well as changing business environment in South-East Asian countries such as Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam would foster the demand for air... Read More
Burgeoning Transportation Infrastructure and Hospitality Sectors Would Drive the Growth of UAE Elevator & Escalator Market during 2019-25 - 6Wresearch
Posted On: 2019-04-02
The construction market of UAE is one of the most significant ones in the entire GCC region. Upcoming mega event - Expo 2020 and several government-backed initiatives have proved to be the key... Read More
Recovering Oil & Gas Sector and Strengthening of Marine & Shipbuilding Industry in the Country Would Spur the Growth of UAE Instrumentation Valves & Fittings Market - 6Wresearch
Posted On: 2019-04-02
Growing demand for instrumentation valves & fittings in oil & gas fields as well as rapid growth of marine and shipbuilding sector in Dubai along with prevalence... Read More
Diversification of the Economy Along With Growing Hospitality and Healthcare Sectors Would Drive the Saudi Arabia Heat Pump Market - 6Wresearch
Posted On: 2019-03-27
Several upcoming government initiatives such as Saudi Arabia National Vision 2030, National Renewable Energy Program and National Transformation Plan 2020 are anticipated to strengthen the residential and commercial sectors in the country, paving... Read More
Increasing Concern Regarding Energy Conservation as well as Rising Energy Cost Among Various Verticals Would Spur the Growth of India Variable Frequency Drives Market - 6Wresearch
Posted On: 2019-03-26
India variable frequency drives market is witnessing a growing trend over the past few years owing to rising demand for energy & electricity, industrialization, and increasing technological advancement of various machineries. Further, the... Read More
Rapid Infrastructure Development, Implementation of Automotive Sector Policies Coupled with Growing Disposable Income of Consumers Would act as the Key Drivers for the Growth of Philippines Tire Market - 6Wresearch
Posted On: 2019-03-26
Increasing sales of trucks and passenger cars on account of various automotive sector policies such as Comprehensive Automotive Resurgence Strategy (CARS program), Comprehensive Motor Vehicle Development Program and Rising Per Capita Income have... Read More