Vietnam Ethylene Glycol Market (2020-2026)
Vietnam Ethylene Glycol Market is expected to register growth in coming years on account of growth in Monoethylene Glycol (MEG) market, due to increase in demand for PET resin,... Read More
Indonesia Building Automation Market (2020-2026)
 Indonesia Building Automation Market witnesses significant growth in recent time on account of improving standard of living and a rapid growth in the infrastructure development. Increasing awareness environmental benefits... Read More
Malaysia Building Automation Market (2020-2026)
Malaysia Building Automation System  market is expected to grow in the coming years owing to positive developments in the construction sector of the country along with up scaling of... Read More
Qatar Building Automation Market (2020-2026)
Qatar building automation market is expected to register diminishing growth in upcoming years as majority of construction projects in recent years, which were in the preparation of Qatar FIFA... Read More
Kuwait Building Automation Market (2020-2026)
Kuwait building automation market is expected to grow over the forecast period driven by large-scale infrastructure development across the country and the New Vision 2035 initiative, which is aimed... Read More
Nigeria Building Automation Market (2020-2026)
Nigeria Building Automation Market is expected to register tremendous growth over the coming years primarily on account of increasing foreign direct investment in the country along with government efforts... Read More
Brazil Bearings Market (2019-2025)
The Brazil bearings market is largely dependent on industrial and automotive aftermarket sales and only few OEM manufacturers are present in the country. Further, Brazil is considered as the... Read More
Germany Bearings Market (2019-2025)
The Germany bearings market is considered as a mature market dominating in terms of revenue in the overall European bearings market. Western European countries including Germany, France and others... Read More
Mexico Bearings Market (2019-2025)
The Mexico bearings market is uncertain and fluctuating due to dependence of the country on US for imports. The uncertain and unfavourable economic scenario and financial conditions of US... Read More
Saudi Arabia Bearings Market (2019-2025)
The Saudi Arabia bearings market declined in 2016 and 2017 due to economic slowdown in the country and slightly recovered in 2018 due to increase in car sales and... Read More
Turkey Bearings Market (2019-2025)
Turkey bearings market slowed down in 2018 and declined further in 2019 due to volatility in Turkish Lira. However, government initiatives towards improving industrial sector and Turkey vision 2023; it is exported... Read More
Ghana Building Energy Management System Market (2020-2026)
Ghana Building Energy Management System Market has registered substantial growth owing to the growing construction market and increasing electricity prices. The rising demand for power, growing awareness about energy-efficiency, reducing cost by... Read More
Kenya Building Energy Management System Market (2020-2026)
Kenya Building Energy Management System Market is driven by growing social and physical infrastructure. The key aspects driving the demand for installation of the building energy management system market in Kenya are... Read More
South Africa Building Energy Management System Market (2020-2026)
South Africa Building Energy Management System Market has witnessed a slow growth over the past few years owing to the economic downturn in the construction sector. However, growing infrastructure, improving construction industry,... Read More
Tanzania Building Energy Management System Market (2020-2026)
Tanzania Building Energy Management System Market has registered high growth due to increasing electricity prices and the rising requirement of energy for efficient utilization. The major factors boosting the growth of demand... Read More