6Wresearch’s Automotive Practice provides strategy support to OEMs and Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 Suppliers. The division provide offerings in the field of automotive components, tires, vehicle rental and leasing, public and rail transport, lubricants, telematics, automotive systems, automotive electronics, and many more. Apart from tracking the global database of vehicles, the team has also captured latest data of electric vehicles and including their supporting infrastructure.

Our in-house automotive database currently occupies major KPI’s of 60 countries around the globe. Automotive research at 6W has produced key actionable insights and forecasts pertaining to the latest market dynamics. Further, this has supported our clients to gain competitive edge in the market and helped them to devise key focused strategies to target the market. For our AutomotivePractice corporate brochure, you can reach us at   


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