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6Wresearch’s Heavy Industry practice is one of our niche portfolios catered, which we have developed over the years. Heavy industry practice has tapped some of the untapped segments of the market, which lags availability of the information and insights. Some of our key focused segments include construction equipment, road construction equipment, material handling equipment, mining equipment, elevators and escalators, and agriculture equipment.

We have provided our services to our clients in some of the unexplored markets and regions. Understanding the complete value chain and building industry partnerships have helped us to capture such insights from the market. We have provided our services to understand market dynamics, market feasibility, market sizing & forecasting, consumer mapping and buying behavior, channel assessment, competitive landscape and many more. For our Heavy Industry Practice corporate brochure, you can reach us at sales@6wresearch.com. 


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GCC Construction Equipment Market (2016-2022)
Government spending to expand the existing infrastructures combined with new projects and budding utility projects in countries such as Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and UAE have resulted in the demand for construction equipment in the GCC region. Additionally, investments in the utility sector have driven the demand for new... Read More
Uzbekistan Diesel Generator Market (2019-2025) | Analysis, Size, Share, Revenue, Trends, Growth, Forecast, Outlook & Segmentation
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Tajikistan Diesel Generator Market (2019-2025)
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Turkmenistan Diesel Genset Market (2019-2025) | Analysis, Size, Share, Revenue, Trends, Growth, Forecast, industry, Outlook, Segmentation & Value
Latest 2023 Developments of the Turkmenistan Diesel Genset Market Turkmenistan Diesel Genset Market has seen the latest developments that include the latest compact, reliable, high-performance diesel engines and gensets that are specially designed to meet the high demands... Read More
Kyrgyzstan Diesel Generator Market (2019-2025)
Recovering mining sector as well as upcoming expansion plans for the oil sector such as the Kyrgyz Petroleum Company (KPC) upgradation plan would act as a key driver for the... Read More
India Construction Equipment Market (2019-2025)
India construction equipment market is witnessing substantial growth on account of rapid infrastructural development activities and the growing construction sector in the country. Growing public & private infrastructure, FDI reforms... Read More
UAE Diesel Genset Market (2019-2025)
Over the past few years, the diesel generator market in UAE has declined on account of low crude oil prices. The fall in the prices of crude oil has led to several large-scale construction... Read More
Kuwait Elevator and Escalator Market (2019-2025)
Kuwait elevator and escalator market are anticipated to recover and witness a period of stable growth during the forecast period due to the completion of construction projects and a reviving construction sector as well as efforts to diversify the economy are likely to supplement the growth Elevator... Read More
Middle East Construction Equipment Market (2018-2024)
Latest 2021 Developments: Middle East Construction Equipment Market has witnessed major efforts in constructing new residential buildings by governments. The emerging trends in... Read More
Thailand Diesel Genset Market (2018-2024)
The establishment of small and medium enterprises along with upcoming government infrastructure projects such as metro rails, smart cities, and expansion of state and national highways are expected to fuel the demand for diesel gensets in Thailand over the coming years. Strengthening telecom infrastructure, increasing residential... Read More
Cambodia Switchgear Market (2018-2024)
Expansion of power transmission and distribution network coupled with rise of commercial and residential sector would be the key drivers for the growth of the Cambodia switchgear market over the coming years. Currently, Cambodia Switchgear market is dominated by Air insulated switchgear in medium and high... Read More
Australia Diesel Genset Market (2016-2022)
Australia is one of the biggest markets for diesel genset in the Asia-Pacific region, driven by the demand from the mining sector coupled with growing hospitality and service sectors. Though, mining sector declined in... Read More
South East Asia Construction Equipment Market (2016-2022)
Rising government spending for upgrading existing infrastructure combined with new projects especially in countries such as Indonesia and Malaysia, and budding utility projects (Hydropower & Thermal Power) in Laos, Cambodia and Thailand have resulted in the growing demand for construction equipment in the South-East Asia region. Moreover, signs... Read More
Nigeria Diesel Genset Market (2016-2022)
Nigeria is one of the biggest gensets markets in Africa region- with over 60 million of the population, the country heavily rely on gensets to meet the power back up requirement. Lack... Read More
Iran Construction Equipment Market (2016-2022)
Post-implementation of US sanctions, the economy of Iran declined significantly. The sanctions impacted several infrastructure development activities throughout the country. Moreover, country's currency depreciated drastically along with the FDIs. However, economic conditions are expected... Read More

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