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Market Forecast By Applications (Stainless Steel, Super Magnets, Electroplating Chemicals, Rechargeable Batteries, Others) And Competitive Landscape
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India Nickel Market Shipment Analysis

India Nickel Market registered a growth of 15.35% in value shipments in 2022 as compared to 2021 and an increase of 9.47% CAGR in 2022 over a period of 2017. In Nickel Market India is becoming more competitive as the HHI index in 2022 was 1061 while in 2017 it was 1362. Herfindahl Index measures the competitiveness of exporting countries. The range lies from 0 to 10000, where a lower index number represents a larger number of players or exporting countries in the market while a large index number means less numbers of players or countries exporting in the market. India has reportedly relied more on imports to meet its growing demand in Nickel Market.

India Nickel Market Competition 2023

India Export Potential Assessment For Nickel Market (USD Values in Thousand)

India Nickel Market Synopsis

The India nickel market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4.8% during the forecast period 2020-2026 and reach a value of USD 33.4 billion by 2026. Nickel is primarily used in steel production as an alloying element, which further increases its strength and corrosion resistance properties, making it suitable for industrial applications such as chemical processing and marine engineering components. India`s growing automotive sector is one of the key drivers for the growth of this market over the forecast period, with increasing demand from both domestic sales and exports adding fuel to this growth trend. Additionally, increasing government initiatives towards promoting investments in infrastructure development and rising consumer spending are also some other factors responsible for driving growth within this industry over the near future.

Drivers of the Market:

1) Growing Automotive Sector – The Indian automotive industry has been experiencing significant growth over recent years due to increased investment by both domestic players as well as foreign manufacturers looking to capitalise on potential synergies between countries like India and China who have similar manufacturing capabilities but vastly different levels of consumption power when compared globally; thus providing them with ample room for cost effective production processes that can be competitively exported worldwide without losing out much on margins or quality standards. This factor coupled with increased consumer spending fuelling domestic sales has enabled steady demand rise within this sector which in turn leads to higher usage rates among downstream industries like manufacturing where nickel finds application across various products/components ranging from electrical equipment & fixtures all way through weapons & defense systems etc., thus presenting lucrative opportunities for associated players throughout entire value chain ecosystem including raw materials suppliers like producers/refiners/traders etc.

2) Government Initiatives – The Indian government has taken several initiatives aimed at boosting economic activity in order provide better job opportunities while opening up avenues towards industrialisation thereby leading towards greater GDP contributions in form taxes collected via businesses operating within country etc., Such measures have resulted into increase funding allocations directed towards infrastructure projects which involve large scale construction activities involving heavy machinery operations requiring superior grade alloys containing significant amounts of nickel; leading ultimately resulting into increased usage rates among associated sectors producing these goods eventually pushing overall regional consumptions figures upwards creating another source sustainable revenue streams amongst stakeholders involved hereinperiod being discussed herewith.

Challenges of the Market:

1) Volatility In Global Prices - Fluctuations seen global commodity prices tend create certain amount uncertainty amongst investors owing their inability accurately predict outcomes based changing external environment highly unpredictable nature same , This adds

Key Highlights of the Report:

  • India Nickel Market Outlook
  • Market Size of India Nickel Market, 2023
  • Forecast of India Nickel Market, 2030
  • Historical Data and Forecast of India Nickel Revenues & Volume for the Period 2020-2030
  • India Nickel Market Trend Evolution
  • India Nickel Market Drivers and Challenges
  • India Nickel Price Trends
  • India Nickel Porter's Five Forces
  • India Nickel Industry Life Cycle
  • Historical Data and Forecast of India Nickel Market Revenues & Volume By Applications for the Period 2020-2030
  • Historical Data and Forecast of India Nickel Market Revenues & Volume By Stainless Steel for the Period 2020-2030
  • Historical Data and Forecast of India Nickel Market Revenues & Volume By Super Magnets for the Period 2020-2030
  • Historical Data and Forecast of India Nickel Market Revenues & Volume By Electroplating Chemicals for the Period 2020-2030
  • Historical Data and Forecast of India Nickel Market Revenues & Volume By Rechargeable Batteries for the Period 2020-2030
  • Historical Data and Forecast of India Nickel Market Revenues & Volume By Others for the Period 2020-2030
  • India Nickel Import Export Trade Statistics
  • Market Opportunity Assessment By Applications
  • India Nickel Top Companies Market Share
  • India Nickel Competitive Benchmarking By Technical and Operational Parameters
  • India Nickel Company Profiles
  • India Nickel Key Strategic Recommendations
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1 Executive Summary

2 Introduction

2.1 Key Highlights of the Report

2.2 Report Description

2.3 Market Scope & Segmentation

2.4 Research Methodology

2.5 Assumptions

3 India Nickel Market Overview

3.1 India Country Macro Economic Indicators

3.2 India Nickel Market Revenues & Volume, 2020 & 2030F

3.3 India Nickel Market - Industry Life Cycle

3.4 India Nickel Market - Porter's Five Forces

3.5 India Nickel Market Revenues & Volume Share, By Applications, 2020 & 2030F

4 India Nickel Market Dynamics

4.1 Impact Analysis

4.2 Market Drivers

4.3 Market Restraints

5 India Nickel Market Trends

6 India Nickel Market, By Types

6.1 India Nickel Market, By Applications

6.1.1 Overview and Analysis

6.1.2 India Nickel Market Revenues & Volume, By Applications, 2020-2030F

6.1.3 India Nickel Market Revenues & Volume, By Stainless Steel, 2020-2030F

6.1.4 India Nickel Market Revenues & Volume, By Super Magnets, 2020-2030F

6.1.5 India Nickel Market Revenues & Volume, By Electroplating Chemicals, 2020-2030F

6.1.6 India Nickel Market Revenues & Volume, By Rechargeable Batteries, 2020-2030F

6.1.7 India Nickel Market Revenues & Volume, By Others, 2020-2030F

7 India Nickel Market Import-Export Trade Statistics

7.1 India Nickel Market Export to Major Countries

7.2 India Nickel Market Imports from Major Countries

8 India Nickel Market Key Performance Indicators

9 India Nickel Market - Opportunity Assessment

9.1 India Nickel Market Opportunity Assessment, By Applications, 2020 & 2030F

10 India Nickel Market - Competitive Landscape

10.1 India Nickel Market Revenue Share, By Companies, 2023

10.2 India Nickel Market Competitive Benchmarking, By Operating and Technical Parameters

11 Company Profiles

12 Recommendations

13 Disclaimer

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