India Smartwatch Market, CY H1 2015

According to 6Wresearch, India Smartwatch Market shipments value reached around $2.37 million in CY H1 2015.

Product Code: ETC000269 Publication Date: Sep 2015 Product Type: Report
Publisher: 6Wresearch

Increasing Smartphone penetration, growing consumer demand and technological advancements in the wearable segment are expected to increase the growth of India Smartwatch Market. Additionally, recent entry of international players will further assist the growth of Smartwatch Market in the country.

According to 6Wresearch, India Smartwatch Market shipments value reached around $2.37 million in CY H1 2015. Some of the major players in the market are Motorola, Samsung, Sony, LG and Kenxingda. New entrants in the market include Dot, a new Smartwatch for blind consumers which delivers texts in beautiful rippling bursts of braille.

Key features of the report:

1. Total Smartwatch shipment in India
2. Market share by various players in various segments and specifications
3. Shipments by market players
4. Model wise shipments by each company
5. Price of each model
6. Specifications covering:
  6.1 Sim Card Availability
  6.2 Dual Sim Availability
  6.3 GSM/CDMA
  6.4 Display
  6.5 Display Size
  6.6 Weight
  6.7 Operating System
  6.8 Android Version
  6.9 Bluetooth Availability
  6.10 Bluetooth Version
  6.11 Resolution
  6.12 Battery Capacity
  6.13 Internal Memory Size
  6.14 External Memory Availability
  6.15 Camera Availability
  6.16 Camera Megapixel
  6.17 Microphone Availability
  6.18 Speaker Availability
  6.19 Waterproof

1. India Smartwatch Market
2. Smartwatch By Price
3. Smartwatch Market By Specifications:
  3.1 Sim Card Availability
  3.2 Dual Sim Availability
  3.3 GSM/CDMA
  3.4 Display
  3.5 Display Size
  3.6 Weight
  3.7 Operating System
  3.8 Android Version
  3.9 Bluetooth Availability
  3.10 Bluetooth Version
  3.11 Resolution
  3.12 Battery Capacity
  3.13 Internal Memory Size
  3.14 External Memory Availability
  3.15 Camera Availability
  3.16 Camera Megapixel
  3.17 Microphone Availability
  3.18 Speaker Availability
  3.19 Waterproof
4. Market Share Of the Companies
  4.1 Overall Market Share
  4.2 Market share By Specifications
5. Companies Covered in this dataset (Partial List)
  5.1 Kenxingda
  5.2 Motorola
  5.3 LG
  5.4 Xelectron
  5.5 Samsung
  5.6 Sony
6. Series Covered in this excel sheet: CY H1 2015 data
  6.1 Smartwatch unit shipments by players
  6.2 Model wise unit shipments
  6.3 Price band
  6.4 Specifications

6Wresearch publishes monthly/quarterly/annual shipments data of Smartwatch Market in India. The publication would enable the player to enter or devise strategies to expand its presence in India Smartwatch Market by monitoring the shipments data by various types and specifications on a regular basis. This would also allow Companies to track their competitor's performance on a periodical basis.

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