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Market Forecast By Type (Athletic, Non-Athletic), By Material (Lather, Rubber, Plastic) And Competitive Landscape

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Malaysia Footwear Market Competition 2023

Malaysia Export Potential Assessment For Footwear Market (Values in Thousand)

Malaysia Footwear Market Highlights

Report Name Malaysia Footwear Market
Forecast Period 2024-2030
CAGR 5.4%
Growing Sector Fashion

Topics Covered in the Malaysia Footwear Market Report

Malaysia Footwear Market report thoroughly covers the market by type and by material. The market outlook report provides an unbiased and detailed analysis of the ongoing market trends, opportunities/high growth areas, and market drivers which would help the stakeholders to devise and align their market strategies according to the current and future market dynamics.

Malaysia Footwear Market Synopsis

The footwear market in Malaysia has seen significant growth over the past few years, driven by various factors such as rising disposable incomes, changing fashion trends, and an increase in the number of working professionals.

According to 6Wresearch, the Malaysia Footwear Market size is projected to grow at a CAGR of 5.4% during the forecast period 2024-2030. The increasing purchasing power of consumers, especially in urban areas, has been a major driver for the growth of the footwear market in Malaysia. With higher disposable incomes, consumers are more willing to spend on premium and branded footwear products. Additionally, the rise in e-commerce platforms and online shopping has made it easier for consumers to access a wide range of footwear products from both local and international brands. The Malaysian footwear market has also witnessed some notable trends in recent years. The rise of sustainable and eco-friendly footwear options has gained popularity among consumers who are more conscious about their environmental impact. Additionally, there has been a growing trend of athleisure and streetwear fashion, leading to higher demand for sports and casual footwear. Collaborations between fashion brands and athletic companies have also become more common, catering to the increasing demand for stylish yet functional footwear is estimated to growth of the Malaysia Footwear industry.

Government Initiatives Introduced in the Malaysia Footwear Market

To mitigate challenges and capitalize on growth opportunities in the Malaysian footwear market, the government has rolled out several initiatives. These include incentives for adopting sustainable manufacturing practices and investments in research and development to spur innovation. Efforts are also being made to enhance the skill sets of workers through training programs, thus addressing the issue of skilled labor shortage.

Key Players in the Malaysia Footwear Market

Several key players dominate the Malaysian footwear market, contributing significantly to its growth and innovation. Brands such as Bata, Vincci, Nike, Adidas, Puma, and Pallas are well-established local names that have captured a considerable market share through their diverse range of products that cater to various consumer needs and preferences.

Future Insights of the Malaysia Footwear Market

The Malaysia footwear market growth is estimated to expand. The focus on sustainability and eco-friendly products is expected to intensify, with both consumers and manufacturers becoming increasingly aware of the environmental impacts of their choices. Technology will play a crucial role in shaping the market, with innovations in production processes and online retail enhancing efficiency and consumer engagement. The trend towards customization and personalization in footwear is also anticipated to grow, allowing brands to offer unique products and services to meet individual consumer preferences.

Market Analysis by Type

According to Dhaval, Research Manager, 6Wresearch, the athletic footwear segment is witnessing a notable growth. This surge is largely driven by a growing awareness and emphasis on personal health and fitness among the Malaysian population, coupled with an increasing participation in sports and recreational activities.

Market Analysis by Material

Based on the material, rubber is particularly distinguished as the only material exhibiting consistent growth. This expansion can be attributed to rubber's inherent qualities such as durability, flexibility, and water resistance, which are pivotal for both athletic and casual footwear. Malaysia, being one of the world's leading producers of natural rubber, has a competitive advantage in manufacturing rubber-based footwear.

Key attractiveness of the report

  • 10 Years Market Numbers.
  • Historical Data Starting from 2020 to 2023.
  • Base Year: 2023.
  • Forecast Data until 2030.
  • Key Performance Indicators Impacting the Market.
  • Major Upcoming Developments and Projects.

Key Highlights of the Report:

  • Malaysia Footwear Market Outlook
  • Market Size of Malaysia Footwear Market, 2023
  • Forecast of Malaysia Footwear Market, 2030
  • Historical Data and Forecast of Malaysia Footwear Revenues & Volume for the Period 2020-2030
  • Malaysia Footwear Market Trend Evolution
  • Malaysia Footwear Market Drivers and Challenges
  • Malaysia Footwear Price Trends
  • Malaysia Footwear Porter's Five Forces
  • Malaysia Footwear Industry Life Cycle
  • Historical Data and Forecast of Malaysia Footwear Market Revenues & Volume By Type for the Period 2020-2030
  • Historical Data and Forecast of Malaysia Footwear Market Revenues & Volume By Athletic for the Period 2020-2030
  • Historical Data and Forecast of Malaysia Footwear Market Revenues & Volume By Non-Athletic for the Period 2020-2030
  • Historical Data and Forecast of Malaysia Footwear Market Revenues & Volume By Material for the Period 2020-2030
  • Historical Data and Forecast of Malaysia Footwear Market Revenues & Volume By Lather for the Period 2020-2030
  • Historical Data and Forecast of Malaysia Footwear Market Revenues & Volume By Rubber for the Period 2020-2030
  • Historical Data and Forecast of Malaysia Footwear Market Revenues & Volume By Plastic for the Period 2020-2030
  • Malaysia Footwear Import Export Trade Statistics
  • Market Opportunity Assessment By Type
  • Market Opportunity Assessment By Material
  • Malaysia Footwear Top Companies Market Share
  • Malaysia Footwear Competitive Benchmarking By Technical and Operational Parameters
  • Malaysia Footwear Company Profiles
  • Malaysia Footwear Key Strategic Recommendations

Market Covered

The report offers a comprehensive study of the subsequent market segments:

By Type

  • Athletic
  • Non-Athletic

By Material

  • Lather
  • Rubber
  • Plastic
Malaysia Footwear Market (2024-2030): FAQs
The rise in disposable income among Malaysians has led to an increase in demand for fashionable and high-quality footwear and the country's growing population.
Some of the key players in the Malaysia footwear market include Bata, Clarks, and Skechers.
The competition from counterfeit products and high cost of raw materials and labor is another challenge that forces brands to increase their prices.
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1 Executive Summary
2 Introduction
2.1 Key Highlights of the Report
2.2 Report Description
2.3 Market Scope & Segmentation
2.4 Research Methodology
2.5 Assumptions
3 Malaysia Footwear Market Overview
3.1 Malaysia Country Macro Economic Indicators
3.2 Malaysia Footwear Market Revenues & Volume, 2020 & 2030F
3.3 Malaysia Footwear Market - Industry Life Cycle
3.4 Malaysia Footwear Market - Porter's Five Forces
3.5 Malaysia Footwear Market Revenues & Volume Share, By Type, 2020 & 2030F
3.6 Malaysia Footwear Market Revenues & Volume Share, By Material, 2020 & 2030F
4 Malaysia Footwear Market Dynamics
4.1 Impact Analysis
4.2 Market Drivers
4.3 Market Restraints
5 Malaysia Footwear Market Trends
6 Malaysia Footwear Market, By Types
6.1 Malaysia Footwear Market, By Type
6.1.1 Overview and Analysis
6.1.2 Malaysia Footwear Market Revenues & Volume, By Type, 2020-2030F
6.1.3 Malaysia Footwear Market Revenues & Volume, By Athletic, 2020-2030F
6.1.4 Malaysia Footwear Market Revenues & Volume, By Non-Athletic, 2020-2030F
6.2 Malaysia Footwear Market, By Material
6.2.1 Overview and Analysis
6.2.2 Malaysia Footwear Market Revenues & Volume, By Lather, 2020-2030F
6.2.3 Malaysia Footwear Market Revenues & Volume, By Rubber, 2020-2030F
6.2.4 Malaysia Footwear Market Revenues & Volume, By Plastic, 2020-2030F
7 Malaysia Footwear Market Import-Export Trade Statistics
7.1 Malaysia Footwear Market Export to Major Countries
7.2 Malaysia Footwear Market Imports from Major Countries
8 Malaysia Footwear Market Key Performance Indicators
9 Malaysia Footwear Market - Opportunity Assessment
9.1 Malaysia Footwear Market Opportunity Assessment, By Type, 2020 & 2030F
9.2 Malaysia Footwear Market Opportunity Assessment, By Material, 2020 & 2030F
10 Malaysia Footwear Market - Competitive Landscape
10.1 Malaysia Footwear Market Revenue Share, By Companies, 2023
10.2 Malaysia Footwear Market Competitive Benchmarking, By Operating and Technical Parameters
11 Company Profiles
12 Recommendations
13 Disclaimer
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