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India Data Card Market, Annual Tracker

  • Product Code:ETC000181
  • Publication Date: November 2014
  • Publisher:6Wresearch
  • Product Type:Tracker

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India Data Card Market, Annual Tracker

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India Data Card Market, Annual Tracker

India Data Card Market, Annual Tracker

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The India Data Card market which was previously commanded by the CDMA segment is now witnessing a strong shift towards GSM based Data Cards. The growing penetration of 3G/4G services has increased the demand of the GSM segment. Increasing digital lifestyles among the Indian consumers is expected to further boost the demand for Data Cards in the Indian market.

According to 6Wresearch, India Data Card market registered an annual shipments of 6.72 million units. HUAWEI sustained its market leadership followed by ZTE and MICROMAX. In terms of unit shipments, India Data Card market experienced a decline of 16% in H2 over H1 2014.

   Key features of the report:

1. Total Data Card shipment in India
2. Market by Data Card Type
    2.1 CDMA
    2.2 GSM
3. Market share by various players in various segments and specifications
4. Shipments by market players
5. Model wise shipments by each company
6. Price of each model
7. Specifications covering
    7.1 3G Availability
    7.2 4G Availability
    7.3 CDMA/GSM
    7.4 Chipset Company
    7.5 Chipset Model No.
    7.6 Company
    7.7 EDGE Class
    7.8 Hotspot Availability
    7.9 HSDPA Availability
    7.10 Model No.
    7.11 Network (2G Frequency)
    7.12 Network (2G)
    7.13 Network (3G Frequency)
    7.14 Network (3G)
    7.15 Speed (Mbps)
    7.16 UMTS Availability
    7.17 USB Type

1. India Data Card Market 2. Data Card by Price 3. Market by Data Card Type     3.1 CDMA     3.2 GSM 4. Data Card Market By Specifications     4.1 3G Availability     4.2 4G Availability     4.3 CDMA/GSM     4.4 Chipset Company     4.5 Chipset Model No.     4.6 Company     4.7 EDGE Class     4.8 Hotspot Availability     4.9 HSDPA Availability     4.10 Model No.     4.11 Network (2G Frequency)     4.12 Network (2G)     4.13 Network (3G Frequency)     4.14 Network (3G)     4.15 Speed (Mbps)     4.16 UMTS Availability     4.17 USB Type 5. Market Share Of the Companies:     5.1 Overall Market Share     5.2 Market share By Specifications 6. Companies Covered in this dataset (Partial List)     6.1 Huawei     6.2 ZTE     6.3 Micromax     6.4 Iball Baton     6.5 Intex     6.6 Alcatel     6.7 Digisol 7. Series Covered in this excel sheet: Annual data (ending June 2014)     7.1 Data Card unit shipments by players     7.2 Type of Data Card     7.3 Model wise unit shipments     7.4 Price band     7.5 Specifications

6Wresearch publishes monthly/quarterly/annual shipments data of Data Card market in India. The publication would enable the player to enter or devise strategies to expand its presence in India Data Card market by monitoring the shipments data by various types and specifications on a regular basis. This would also allow Companies to track their competitor's performance on a periodical basis.

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