The global surveillance market is experimenting with new applications: Subashini Ramakrishnan, Chief Technology Manager, Dax Networks

According to 6Wresearch, the video surveillance market in India is expected to reach $952.94 million by 2016. This growth presents exciting growth opportunities for companies like Dax Networks, which provide end-to-end networking product solutions like routing, switching, cabling, wireless, local area network extenders. 

In an interview with, Subashini Ramakrishnan, chief technology manager, Dax Networks discusses the opportunities and challenges offered by the surveillance market in India. She talks about future trends in the surveillance market and the company business plans in the country.

What is the scope of the IP Surveillance market in India? 

Today, surveillance and security is a fundamental requirement for every establishment. 

According to 6Wresearch, the India video surveillance market will grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 32.49 percent from 2011-2016 to reach $952.94 million by 2016. According to the research firm, in 2011, though analog-based surveillance systems have accounted for a majority of the share (67.80 percent in the overall market), IP based surveillance systems would grow with a relatively higher CAGR of 41.78 percent from 2011-2016. 

What are the advantages offered by the IP-based surveillance system over Analog systems? 

The security systems must not only help detect and facilitate swift action but also help design and plan a proactive strategy against future threats. Analog deployments are generally designed and deployed in a disintegrated manner. Although at the outset, the cost of an IP-based system is higher, over the long term, it is more efficient as compared to analog. Seamless integration to the existing data networks and existing security systems further enhances the benefit of IP to the end-users. 

What trends do you foresee in the global IP Surveillance market? 

The global surveillance market is experimenting with new applications. The total video surveillance applications market is expected to reach $25.43 billion by 2016 at a CAGR of 19.35 percent from 2011 to 2016. This includes IP cameras, analog cameras, software, and system management applications. The video surveillance market is experiencing a paradigm shift from analog to IP with the players in the business focusing on developing new products in this space. 

The Asia-Pacific region offers a lucrative market to video surveillance players. The key markets in this region are developing countries like India and China. 

Recent technological developments indicate that the IP network and mobile surveillance cameras are gaining momentum. Easy accessibility, an all-in-one-box concept, and integrated solutions mark the current trends in this category. High image quality, advanced video analytics, storage options, cloud-based video management software, saving on bandwidth, etc spell the deliverables of IP Surveillance today. 

Advanced and effective video analytics has proved to be an asset for personnel responsible for security management. Organizations today are not only using video analytics to detect and curb unauthorized activity or to catch a law-breaker but also provide serious data analysis based on footage captured to plan and strategize for business planning. 

What products does Dax offer in the IP surveillance space? 

Dax has devised a comprehensive IP surveillance solution with the alert management system (AMS) that provides a birds-eye view of the bank's surveillance infrastructure on a single screen. This platform can monitor up to 10,000 cameras on a single screen. The AMS platform also provides timely alerts and escalations. At the central headquarter, with the control center, one can get a dashboard view of the entire ATM/branch network. 

Dax has customized a unique IP based multi-location surveillance solution, wherein, the surveillance solution can be rolled out as a service. The service delivery will cover cloud-based footage storage, cloud-based AMS as well as a choice of local and headquarter based streaming. Our alert management platform can monitor up to 10,000 cameras on a single screen. 

What are Dax Networks' plans for the Indian market? 

Dax would largely focus on IP surveillance solutions this year. We see great scope for surveillance requirements in India and look forward to intently explore these opportunities. The simple fact that everybody has an IP network already in place is an encouraging sign. IP technology gives scope for continuous innovation and new customer-specific video management applications can be built on. 

With concerns about terrorism and crime at an all-time high, there is a need to create a smart and secure city. Smart video surveillance will help in enhancing security. Dax plans to exclusively take IP surveillance solutions this particular vertical as we believe the government sector is only sparingly exposed to application benefits of IP Surveillance. Dax city surveillance solution is a comprehensive portfolio of applications that can fulfill each department's specific requirements i.e. security, operations, safety, law enforcement, and environmental monitoring while operating as a single integrated system to ensure quick distribution of information to all concerned when an event occurs. 

Focus on financial institutions would also be a part of our plans, as we have custom solutions to enhance efficiency and performance. Dax would continue to explore opportunities with verticals like manufacturing, retail, real estate, and education. 

What challenges does Dax Networks face? 

Choosing technologies and solutions that save on energy costs, lower OPEX, and facilitate faster return on investment continue to be the biggest challenges. While technology innovation is a continuous process, new threats and security breaches emerge every day. We are required to continuously develop innovative solutions to address and fix gaps from time to time.

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