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BSDU's Students to Manufacture 3D Printers on German Technology in Partnership with Aha3D Innovations
Posted On: February 12, 2018
The only University in India with a 'Swiss Dual' education system, Bhartiya Skill Development University (BSDU), Jaipur today announced MoU with India's first 3D Printer developer and a startup company Aha3D Innovations Pvt. Ltd. Under this partnership, Aha3D Innovations is setting up 3D... Read More
Biometrics: The new wave in security marketing
Posted On: November 18, 2014
Brazil biometrics market is emerging as one of the fastest growing biometrics markets in the world. According to a 6Wresearch, the country's biometrics market is projected to reach $1.3 billion by 2020. Declining prices, hosting of international events such as FIFA... Read More
Blockchain-Based Job Listing Startup SpringRole Closes $1.3 Mn Private Funding
Posted On: May 14, 2018
On the development, Scott Walker, co-founder of DNA, said, "SpringRole is taking an important and risk-managed approach to solving a massive problem in the HR industry globally. By focusing on India, SpringRole has an excellent opportunity to capture market share quickly and build... Read More
Biometrics access control systems gain momentum in Saudi Arabia
Posted On: August 3, 2018
Biometrics access control systems are expected to gain more momentum in Saudi Arabia over the next six years amid rapid infrastructural development activities, coupled with the expansion of the hospitality and healthcare sector, according to 6Wresearch. The market research firm made that... Read More
Atoms and Bytes: Scaling heights
Posted On: 10px">May 18, 2015
Atoms and Bytes, a start-up founded by a father-son duo in Chennai, is getting ready to build racing drones for the world. CHENNAI: In Chennai, where flying drones without police permission could land one in trouble, a start-up founded by a father-son... Read More
Special report: green buildings
Posted On: January 11, 2017
This Special Report examines the growing demand for energy-efficient HVAC systems in the region. Buildings consume 53% of the world's electricity today and this consumption is expected to grow to 80% by 2040. With the increased cost of energy in most countries, existing... Read More
Can power rentals make up for low GCC liquidity?
Posted On: January 11, 2016
As market activity wrapped up in 2015, details about the GCC's diesel Genset market emerged, providing a glimpse of what the new year held for the regional construction industry. According to Saudi Arabia Diesel Genset Market (2015-2021) by... Read More
Android has 87% of Indian tablet market -6Wresearch
Posted On: 10px">June 19, 2015
India Tablet PC Market shipments volume reached 3.44 million units for the year ending June 2014, according to research by 6Wresearch India. In comparison, an estimated 250 mln mobile handsets are sold in India in a year, including around 50 mln smartphones. ... Read More
AMTZ, think3D announce $6M medical device 3D printing facility in India
Posted On: June 19, 2017
Indian 3D printing platform think3D, a subsidiary of Singapore-based think3D Labs Pte Ltd., has announced it will be establishing a $6 million 3D printing facility in Vizag, Andhra Pradesh, India. The center is being realized in collaboration with the Andhra Pradesh MedTech Zone... Read More
Surveillance, all about Strengthening Security
Posted On: 10px">23 April, 2012
With security taking center stage, the country is moving towards procuring better and more efficient video surveillance equipment .  As we move ahead towards better security, smart and efficient surveillance becomes an essential part of enabling the security infrastructure of the country.... Read More
Air purifiers that are smart, repel bugs and remove odour
Posted On: February 25, 2017
CHENNAI: As air pollution rises in the cities, the scope for innovation is only growing for white goods manufacturers. From smart purifiers that can be controlled from the mobile device to those that repel bugs, companies like Eureka Forbes, Blue Air and Symphony... Read More
Air purifier market earned $27.17 million in revenue in 2015: 6Wresearch report
Posted On: January 22, 2016
KOLKATA: The country's india air purifier market recorded revenues worth $27.17 million in 2015 and is anticipated to grow exponentially over the coming years as well, according to a latest research report. The india air purifier market has gained majorly in... Read More
Air-conditioning market in Qatar to witness high growth
Posted On: 10px">August 03, 2015
Qatar's air-conditioning market is projected to witness a compound annual growth rate of 13.42% during 2015-21, a global market research and consulting firm has said in a report. The report by 6Wresearch, "Qatar Air Conditioner Market (2015-2021)", provides an analysis of... Read More
According to 6Wresearch, Vietnam Diesel Genset Market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 5.49%
Posted On: August 31, 2016
Developing public infrastructure, growing demand for power in urban and off-grid areas, increasing power needs for the industrial sector as well as booming healthcare and hospitality sectors are the key factors which are driving the market for diesel gensets in Vietnam. According... Read More
World Expo 2020, the Major Growth Driver of UAE Power Rental Market - 6Wresearch
Posted On: 10px">September 17, 2015
UAE is the key revenue generating country in Middle-East power rental market. The growth for temporary power in the country is exhibited due to increasing energy demand and surging public and private infrastructure owing to upcoming World Expo 2020. During the event, around... Read More
Vietnam Video Surveillance Market (2016-2022)-6Wresearch
Posted On: July 07, 2016
Vietnam is emerging as one of the key revenue contributing countries in South-East Asia video surveillance market. Surging construction market, growing government spending, infrastructural development, and increasing FDI in retail and industrial sectors have spurred the demand for electronic security systems including video... Read More
Vietnam Diesel Genset Market (2016-2022)-6Wresearch
Posted On: September 21, 2016
Developing public infrastructure, growing demand for power in urban and off-grid areas, increasing power needs for the industrial sector as well as booming healthcare and hospitality sectors are the key factors which are driving the market for diesel gensets in Vietnam. According... Read More
UAE power cables market revenues to reach $2.5bln by 2024
Posted On: July 04, 2018
UAE power cables market registered substantial growth in 2017 attributed to recovery in copper and aluminum prices The UAE power cables market revenues are projected to reach $2.5 billion by 2024, according to a new report by... Read More
UAE Smart Homes Market is one of the Fastest Growing Market in the GCC Region in 2015
Posted On: October 31, 2016
UAE is one of the leading markets for smart home systems in GCC region. Although, UAE market registered a slow growth during 2013-2015 owing to the decline in residential sector construction market coupled with the low FDI inflow. However, on account of growing... Read More
UAE intelligent transport seen growing at 9.2pc
Posted On: February 12, 2018
The UAE intelligent transportation market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 9.2 per cent during 2018-24 on account of large scale Infrastructural projects as well as increasing number of vehicles in the country, a report said. In 2016, the... Read More