India registered total shipments of 4, 48,950 digital cameras in CY Q2 2013; a decline of 10% as compared to 5, 00,471 unit shipments in CY Q1 2013. Sony still remains the market leader.

According to 6Wresearch, the India Digital Camera market recorded a total shipment of 4, 48,950 units in CY Q2 2013, a decline of ~ 10% over the previous quarter. Sony yet again dominates the India Digital Camera market followed by Nikon and Canon.

The growth of compact digital camera shipments in CY Q2 2013 has been negatively affected by huge decline in its demand, i.e. 12%, and positively fuelled by increasing DSLR camera shipments, i.e. 3.6%, which can be well explained by the increased usage of cameras in smart phones.

India Digital Camera type market share Source:6Wresearch Quarterly India Digital Camera Market, CY Q2 2013

The cameras within the price range of INR 5000-10000 accounts for more than 50% of unit shipments in both the quarters. The market share for HDMI featured cameras exhibited a decline from 73% in CY Q1 2013 to 66% in CY Q2 2013 shipments for the India Digital Camera market. Also cameras with GPS feature experienced a downturn in CY Q2 2013 shipments over the previous quarter.

Key Highlights (CY Q2 2013)

  1. Digital cameras were shipped by around 7 vendors.
  2. Top three players capture more than 90% of the total market share in CY Q2 2013.
  3. Sony still remains the undisputed market leader followed by Nikon and Canon.
  4. Out of total digital cameras shipped:
    • 88% are Compact Digital Camera.
    • 12% are DSLR’s, Semi DSLR’s and ILC.

Although the total unit shipments for Sony experience a decline in CY Q2 2013, Sony still stands as a duce for compact digital camera segment. In CY Q2 2013, the compact digital camera segment of Sony experienced a considerable decline of 34% as compared to CY Q1 2013. However, the DLSR range of cameras exhibited an eye popping growth of 174% in CY Q2 2013.

Nikon and Canon experienced impressive growth in CY Q2 2013 as compared to CY Q1 2013. Nikon emerged as the market leader in the DSLR segment with an increase of 34% in CY Q2 2013 as oppose to Canon which lead the market in CY Q1 2013; however, with regards to unit shipments of its compact digital cameras it has also seen a decline of 6% in the CY Q2 2013 as compared to CY Q1 2013.

Digital Camera by Shipments
Source: 6Wresearch Quarterly India Digital Camera Market, CY Q2 2013
Note: Others include SEMI DSLR, ILC.

The total unit shipments for DSLR segment of Canon nosedived with a decline of 28% in CY Q2 2013, whereas the unit shipments for its compact digital camera segment upsurged with an increase of 82% in CY Q2 2013 as opposed to CY Q1 2013.

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