High Pollution and AQI Levels Boost Air Purifier Sales in India in Q3 2023: Philips Leads as the Top Brand

India’s Air purifier shipment tracker shows strong growth in Q3 2023, with a 64% increase compared to Q3 2022, according to the latest research from 6Wresearch. The growth was primarily driven by rising concern for Indoor Air quality due to rise in air pollution.

North India exhibited the highest demand for air purifiers, primarily driven by rising air pollution levels in major urban cities, particularly Delhi NCR, where the Air Quality Index (AQI) has exceeded 300. The demand for Air purifiers can also be seen from other metropolitan cities such as Mumbai and Bangalore as air quality worsens.

Air purifier sales registered maximum uptake from residential sector, driven by growing concerns about indoor air quality and growing awareness of the advantages of air purifiers. Demand for air purifiers is also noticeable from Offices and healthcare facilities such as hospitals, clinics, and labs.

India Air Purifier Market Growth, Q4 2022-Q3 2023Source: 6Wresearch Shipment Tracker, Q3 2023

According to Ravi Bhandari, Head of Consumer Insights and Transformation Strategy, 6Wresearch, “Philips holds the leading position in the Q3 2023 with a 53% share, also emerging as the fastest growing brand in air purifier segment registering over 200% growth as compared to the previous quarter. This was driven by success of its AC1215/20 and AC1217/20 models in India. Philips was followed by Xiaomi with a 15% share driven by strong demand for its smart air purifier 4 and air purifier 4 lite models. Other major players in the India Air purifier market are Dyson, Honeywell and Coway.”

India Air Purifier Companies Share, Q3 2022 - Q3 2023Source: 6Wresearch Shipment Tracker, Q3 2023

Demand for air purifiers from companies like Philps, Xiaomi and Dyson is expected to increase by 30%-40% during the next quarter, post Diwali festival as people become more concerned about health risks associated with poor air quality, which is likely to reach the ‘very poor’ category.

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