US Waterborne UV Curable Resins Market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 11.2% during 2023-2029

The wood segment on the basis of applications registered the highest revenue share in United States Waterborne UV Curable Resins Market – 6Wresearch

In the year 2022, wood applications emerged as a dominant revenue generator within the United States Waterborne UV Curable Resins Market on account of the surging focus on sustainability, the intrinsic durability and aesthetic allure of wood, strict adherence to low-VOC regulations, efficiency enhancements, cost-efficiency, robust market demand for wood-based products, and the continuous evolution of UV-curable coating technologies.

According to 6wresearch, the US Waterborne UV Curable Resins Market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 11.2% during 2023-2029. The expanding migrant population is contributing to the rising demand for housing, which, in turn, drives the construction and renovation of homes. Waterborne UV curable resins are used in various construction applications, such as flooring, cabinetry, and furniture, which supports the growth of this market. Migrants, who may be more environmentally conscious, are contributing to the growing awareness of the benefits of waterborne UV-curable resins. This awareness is increasing the demand for these resins across different industries due to their eco-friendly properties. Migrant entrepreneurs are often early adopters of new technologies and products. They are actively involved in establishing new businesses and expanding existing ones, which drives the growth of the waterborne UV curable resins market. Sticky paper, laminates, and paints could be barriers to the waterborne UV curable resins market as these products are typically made with solvent-based resins, and it can be difficult and expensive to switch to waterborne UV curable resins.

According to Dhaval, Research Manager, 6Wresearch, urethane acrylates are anticipated to lead the growth in the US Waterborne UV Curable Resins Market due to their eco-friendliness, strong performance, safety benefits, quick curing, and adaptability. They meet the demand for environmentally compliant, versatile, and cost-effective resin solutions, making them a preferred choice in various industries.


The United States Waterborne UV Curable Resins Market (2023-2029) report provides an in-depth analysis with 32 figures and 2 tables, covered 71 pages. The report comprehensively covers the market by chemistry and applications. The report provides a detailed as well as unbiased analysis of the ongoing drivers, opportunities/high growth areas, and trends of the sector which are projected to support the stakeholders to align as well as devise their market strategies as per the latest and future market dynamics

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