India Barcode Scanner Market Tracker, CY 1Q'2014
The increasing usage of Barcode technology in India is fueling growth of the India Barcode Scanner Market. Barcode technology is used across major industries due to multiple advantages such as better inventory management, time... Read More
India Large Format Printer Market Tracker, CY 1Q'2014
The India Large Format Printer (LFP) market is demonstrating promising growth as a result of growing advertising and digital marketing. The OEMs are looking for new and innovative ways to promote their brands such... Read More
India Super Capacitor Market Tracker, CY 4Q'2013
India Super Capacitor (also known as Ultra Capacitor) market witnessed an increase in demand in the standalone and batteries combination devices. According to 6Wresearch, India Super Capacitor shipments value reached US$1.07 Million in CY... Read More
India Defibrillator Market Tracker, CY Q1'2014
India Defibrillator Market is witnessing steady growth primarily as a result of rising incidence of cardiovascular diseases and disorders. Additionally, widespread availability of modern medical facilities as well as GOI initiatives for expanding trauma services centers to create awareness among... Read More
India Fitness Equipment Market (2017-2023)
Increasing number of gyms and health clubs coupled with government efforts towards promoting physical fitness are driving the growth of fitness equipment market in India. In 2017, the Central Government of India has ordered... Read More
Saudi Arabia Biometrics Market (2014-2019)
Increasing investments, opening up of Saudi Arabia's economy, e-passports and visas, government projects, rising tourisms, growth of hospitality sector and increase in IT spending have led for the growth of biometrics technologies in Saudi... Read More
India Camcorder Market, Annual Tracker
India Camcorder market has witnessed an increasing need for integration and innovation over the past few years. The demand for camcorders have recorded a consistent rise and consumers are not merely satisfied with the... Read More
India Router Market, Annual Tracker
Growing subscriber's base in the Indian Telecom industry has created new opportunities for the OEM manufacturers. The increasing demand for Cloud Computing, High-Speed Internet and WLAN has created an indispensable... Read More
India Set Top Market, Annual Tracker
Set Top Boxes (STB's) remains one of the poised products in India in the consumer electronics segment. Increasing demand for digital viewing among the Indian consumers is further expected to... Read More
India Digital Camera Market, Annual Tracker
India Digital Camera Market which was previously dominated by Point & Shoot segment is now experiencing an inclination towards DSLR cameras. This shift is primarily as a result of reducing cost of DSLR's as... Read More
India Biometrics Market, Annual Tracker
Biometric systems are gaining worldwide acceptance primarily across the developing countries such as India. According to 6Wresearch, India Biometrics Market (Single and Multi-Modal segments) registered annual shipments of 350,000 units. Single-Modal Biometric devices captured around... Read More
India 3D Printer Market, By Application, Technology, & End Use: 2014 - 2019
3D printers are emerging as key growing printers in global landscape. Although, the market for 3D printers is in the nascent stage in India, but holds immense growth potential in the coming years. These printers are used for designing 3D... Read More
India Data Card Market Tracker, CY Q1'2014
Rising need for data usage among Indian consumers have opened tremendous opportunities for Indian Data Card market. Indian Data Card market witnessed significant increase in demand for 4G Data Cards over the past few... Read More
Asia Telecom Power Systems Market (2014-2019)
Telecom towers are among the key entities in network service and telecom infrastructure, with the growth in telecom services subscriber base and launch of new service features, new tower installation activities started getting uproar.... Read More
India Set Top Box (STB) Market-Industry Consensus-2014
The India Set Top Box Market Industry Consensus-2014 highlights the the current industry dynamics and trends that is shaping the industry for upcoming years. The Consensus is prepared based on global research with over 50 industry participants and stakeholders and... Read More