Saudi Arabia Thermostats, Valves & Actuators and Damper Actuators Market (2018-2024)
The government of Saudi Arabia introduced several development plans such as Saudi Vision 2030 and the National Transformation Plan 2020, with the objective of accelerating growth and diversification of the national economy. Such initiatives... Read More
Ethiopia Air Conditioner Market (2018-2024)
Ethiopian government in their second Growth and Transformation Plan (2015-16 to 2020-21) pledged to improve the country's infrastructural scenario on the back of robust foreign investment in the construction sector. Chinese contractors have gained... Read More
India Solar Inverter Market (2018-2024)
India's solar inverter market is exhibiting remarkable growth from the past few years. Further, the National Solar Mission by the Government of India targeting 100 GW solar energy by the year 2022... Read More
Romania Elevator & Escalator Market (2018-2024)
Growing construction industry on account of strengthening commercial, hospitality and residential sectors in recent years have fuelled the demand for elevators and escalators in Romania. Further, increasing government spending on infrastructure development has resulted... Read More
India Blockchain Technology Market (2018-2024)
Blockchain technology or popularly known as "blockchain" is a formation of distributed database holding records of all the transactions and digital identity of the execution of any event among the participating entities and is... Read More
India Interactive Kiosk Market (2018-2024)
Integration of advanced technology in interactive kiosk, has resulted in performing wide range of functions including catalog information, cash deposit, money transfer, ticket booking, and others. The solution is widely accepted in countries including... Read More
UAE Construction Equipment Rental Market (2018-2024)
Growing construction industry on account of strengthening commercial, hospitality and residential sectors in recent years has fueled the demand for construction equipment rental market in UAE. Furthermore, growth in construction sector is expected to... Read More
UAE Power Cables Market (2018-2024)
Since 2011, the prices of copper and aluminium have registered a strong downtrend. Copper prices have fallen by over 50% and aluminium prices plunged by more than 40% over past five years. UAE power... Read More
India Antivirus Software Market (2018-2024)
Over the past few years, rising internet penetration in the country and proliferation of personal computing and mobile devices propelled the antivirus solutions' demand drastically. Changing threat landscape urged the organizations to increase their... Read More
India Dishwasher Market (2018-2024)
India dishwasher market is exhibiting a steady growth within the country. Currently, the market is categorized as a niche segment, however, with growing product awareness amongst consumers, the market is anticipated to gain acceleration... Read More
Indonesia Elevator & Escalator Market (2017-2023)
Projected growth in the construction market, upcoming new hotels & shopping malls coupled with increasing government spending on infrastructural development projects and increasing inflow of FDI in the construction and retail sectors are some... Read More
India Garment Steamer Market (2018-2024)
Rising personal disposable income, increasing consumer spending on expensive clothing, growing number of working professionals as well as rising need for proper maintenance of apparels are driving the growth of garment steamer market in... Read More
Thailand Switchgear Market (2018-2024)
Rising infrastructure development, expansion of power transmission and distribution network along with ambitious transportation projects would fuel the growth of Thailand switchgear market during the forecast period. Additionally, large-scale infrastructure and power sector development... Read More
Cambodia Switchgear Market (2018-2024)
Expansion of power transmission and distribution network coupled with rise of commercial and residential sector would be the key drivers for the growth of the Cambodia switchgear market over the coming years. Currently, Cambodia... Read More
Vietnam Switchgear Market (2018-2024)
Growing urban population, rising construction activities and industrialization would be some of the key drivers behind the growth of the Vietnam switchgear market during the forecast period. Further, the revised Power Development Plan (PMP... Read More