Power, Utility and Oil & Gas

Power, Utility and Oil & Gas practice is one of our oldest catered practices at 6Wresearch. Annually, our team is working on more than 1,000 product portfolios and are continuously assisting our clients through our syndicate and custom research services. Over the years, we have expanded our services in this domain in more than 90 countries across the globe. 

We specialize in market feasibility studies, market sizing, consumer analysis, market sizing & forecasting, Go-to Market strategies, distribution mapping, business modelling, and legal & regulatory framework. We have team of industry experts and dedicated Analysts who are tracking this vertical on regular basis. Some of our key focused segments/products include- diesel gensets, gas gensets, power rental, UPS, valves, pumps, motors, drives, transmission & distribution equipment, switchgear, circuit breakers, renewables, MRO, drilling equipment & services, grids, energy storage & batteries, energy management solutions, and leak detection.  For our Power, utility and Oil & GasPracticecorporate brochure, you can reach us at sales@6wresearch.com. 


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