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India Biometrics Market Shipment Analysis

India Biometrics Market registered a growth of 35.63% in value shipments in 2022 as compared to 2021 and an increase of 2.17% CAGR in 2022 over a period of 2017. In Biometrics Market India is becoming less competitive as HHI index in 2022 was 2116 while in 2017 it was 1448. Herfindahl Index measures the competitiveness of exporting countries. The range lies from 0 to 10000, where a lower index number represents a larger number of players or exporting countries in the market while a large index number means less numbers of players or countries exporting in the market. India has reportedly relied more on imports to meet its growing demand in Biometrics Market.

India is shifting towards local production to meet its demand as we see the trend is shifting towards reducing imports. The import factor of Biometrics Market in 2022 was 4.19 while in 2017 it was 7.73. China, USA, Germany, Israel and China, Hong Kong SAR were among the top players of the market in 2022, where China acquired the largest market share of 43.04% with a shipment value of 275.4 million USD in 2022 China also offered the product below the average market price thus having a competitive advantage over others In 2017 China had the largest market share of 32.08% with the shipment value of 133.05 million USD. The country was offering its product with an average price which is lower than the average market price offered in the country. As China price is lower than the average price, it provided a significant edge among other competitor in 2017.

Biometric systems are gaining worldwide acceptance primarily across the developing countries such as India. According to 6Wresearch, India Biometrics Market (Single and Multi-Modal segments) registered annual shipments of 350,000 units. Single-Modal Biometric devices captured around 74% share of the entire India Biometrics Market. 3M Cogent led the market followed by ESSL.

   Key Highlights of the Report
1. Total Biometric shipment in India
2. Market by Biometric Type
   2.1  Single-Modal
   2.2  Multi-Modal
3. Market share by various players in various segments and specifications
4. Shipments by market players
5. Model wise shipments by each company
6. Price of each model
7. Specifications covering
    7.1 Multi/Modal, Single-Modal (Fingerprint Scanners/Readers)
           7.1.1  Dimensions
           7.1.2  Resolution
           7.1.3  Verification Time
           7.1.4  Connectivity
           7.1.5  Operating System
           7.1.6  Application
    7.2 Single-Modal (IRIS Scanner)
           7.2.1  Operating Distance
           7.2.2  Depth Of Field
           7.2.3  Object Size
           7.2.4  Iris Diameter
           7.2.5  Spatial Resolution
           7.2.6  Capture Mechanism
           7.2.7  Illumination
           7.2.8  Weight
           7.2.9  Dimensions
           7.2.10  Power Input
           7.2.11  Power Consumption
           7.2.12  Operating Temperature
           7.2.13  Storage Temperature
           7.2.14  Humidity
           7.2.15  Housing
           7.2.16  Connectivity
           7.2.17  Certifications
           7.2.18  Certifications For Eye Safety

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1. India Biometric Market
2. Biometric by Price
3. Market by Biometric Type
   3.1  Single-Modal
   3.2  Multi-Modal
4. Biometric Market By Specifications
    4.1 Multi/Modal, Single-Modal (Fingerprint Scanners/Readers)
           4.1.1  Dimensions
           4.1.2  Resolution
           4.1.3  Verification Time
           4.1.4  Connectivity
           4.1.5  Operating System
           4.1.6  Application
    4.2 Single-Modal (IRIS Scanner)
           4.2.1  Operating Distance
           4.2.2  Depth Of Field
           4.2.3  Object Size
           4.2.4  Iris Diameter
           4.2.5  Spatial Resolution
           4.2.6  Capture Mechanism
           4.2.7  Illumination
           4.2.8  Weight
           4.2.9  Dimensions
           4.2.10  Power Input
           4.2.11  Power Consumption
           4.2.12  Operating Temperature
           4.2.13  Storage Temperature
           4.2.14  Humidity
           4.2.15  Housing
           4.2.16  Connectivity
           4.2.17  Certifications
           4.2.18  Certifications For Eye Safety
5. Market Share Of the Companies:
   5.1  Overall Market Share
   5.2  Market share By Specifications
6. Companies Covered in this dataset (Partial List)
   6.1  3M Cogent
   6.2  Essl
   6.3  Futronic
   6.4  Nitgen
   6.5  Precision Biometric
   6.6  ZK Teco
   6.7  Secureye
   6.8  Fytech
   6.9  Safran
   6.10  Suprema
7. Series Covered in this excel sheet: Annual data (ending June 2014)
   7.1  Biometric unit shipments by players
   7.2  Type of Biometric
   7.3  Model wise unit shipments
   7.4  Price band
   7.5  Specifications

6Wresearch publishes monthly/quarterly/annual shipments data of Biometrics market in India. The publication would enable the player to enter or devise strategies to expand its presence in India Biometrics market by monitoring the shipments data by various types and specifications on a regular basis. This would also allow Companies to track their competitors' performance on a periodical basis.

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